Maintenance inspections

Sign up for our yearly inspection service by contacting the office. Costs vary with size of home or building  starting at  $75.00 for a standard 1 story  2000 square ft. home . You will receive a detailed report with photos of any problems we discover along with estimate to repair . If you are handy you can use this as a ” things to do list ” or schedule us to handle all or part of the repairs needed. This service can also be used for an economical  review of a potential home purchase .This service is provided for not only our projects , but for anyone who respects their most valued investment and desires keeping  their residence or business in top shape .

The thorough interior and exterior inspection  reviews the following

Exterior– Paint surfaces and caulking  / Roofing , flashing , and gutters  / Masonry / Windows and doors/ Outdoor structures / Driveways and Patios/ Landscape

Interior- Paint and caulking / Window and door seals / Exposed foundations / Faucets and drains / Plumbing systems /Electrical devices / Heating , Cooling , and Ventilation systems /Cabinetry, Millwork, and Flooring / Grout and natural stone surfaces