This is our base team that is made up  of amazing individuals managed and assisted by our namesake. We enlist the services of our associates and subcontractors when the project demands more manpower.


Mark Brandon – Owner/Project Manager

Residential and Light Commercial  Build/Remodel Applications  Expert –  38 yrs experience

Project Design,  Sales and Management,  Project Supervision and hands on whenever possible.

Barb Stewart – Office Manager/Architectural Drafting & Engineering

Project Design and Management, Interior Design, and so much more!

David O’Dell– Project Lead, Interior Remodel Pro and Exterior Application Pro.

Steve Powell– Project lead – Masonry Application Pro.

Josh Bray – Remodel Technician and Tile/Mosaic Application Pro.

Harlie Guthrie – Liquid Enhancement Professional

Debbie Prosser – Office Diva